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The Beijing Museum Pass

    The Beijing Museum Pass for 2021 covers 119 museums and cultural tourist attractions in Beijing, among which include 50 non-free museums, most of them provides free or discounted two person-times, discount amount more than 2900 RMB, very suitable for friends or family tour. The Beijing Museum Pass sells for 120-RMB and the price whole year unchanged.
    The Beijing Museum Pass use ‘pocket book’ form of design, each museum ticket page provides detailed information such as its address, telephone number, opening hours, ticket price, route, parking lot and a brief introduction. The ticket also informs some important collections and new or temporary exhibitions.
    Now, the Beijing Museum Pass for 2021 is available for sale, you can buy it through various ways. You can call our hotline, tell us your phone number and address, and we will send it to your residence within three days by EMS, cash on delivery, you don’t have to pay the express fee. Besides, the Beijing Museum Pass is on sale at all post offices, you can buy it at any post office in Beijing.