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Inroduce museums in categories
Historical and Cultural Museums  
      Beijing is a historical and heritage city, therefore the historical and cultural museums is most abundant. Before visiting this kind of museums, you should do some preparation work, know some background knowledge, will make your museum trip more benefit. More infomation
Museum of Science & Technology  
      Science and Technology Museum is increasing rapidly in Beijing, become a complete encyclopedia. This kind of museums have a large number of interactive projects, if you try to visit these Museum with positive mind, you will get most complete experience. More infomation
Art Museums  
      Various artworks are the essence of human civilization, visitors should watch quietly and slowly. Therefore, elegant and comfortable environment is required. We hope when you visiting this kind of museums, with your calm mind and keen artistic sensibility. More infomation
Cultural Museums & Scenic Spots  
      The undersea world, cinema, park and scenic spots can bring you not only knowledge, but more entertaining, and generally they can provide larger discount. The cinemas ticket has unlimited use, so you can enjoy this preference in whole year. More infomation